Delta Bingo

Since 1974, the York Toros Hockey Association has been providing a fun, affordable and competitive ‘AA’ minor hockey experience in the Greater Toronto Hockey League for the children of Toronto’s West end communities.  These children range from 9 to 18 years of age and play out of the Weston Lions Arena located on Hickory Tree Drive, municipally known as 2125 Lawrence Avenue West situated just west of Weston Road.

Our many volunteers and coaches share in the commitment to fair play and the growth of defining an individual through the competitiveness and team spirit of sport with special emphasis on the development of transferable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, work ethic and self-confidence to name a few.

Having mentioned the many volunteers and coaches who through their hard work and strong commitment make it all possible, we also rely heavily on fundraising.  Our most important and most appreciated fundraiser has been our City of Toronto Bingo Licence enabling us to volunteer as a Charity at community bingos held at Delta Bingo Downsview located at 1868 Wilson Avenue.

We would like to thank Delta Bingo and its many employees for their ongoing support of programs and services in the Greater Toronto Area and York regions.  We are happy to say that the proceeds received from our participation as a Bingo Charity has helped our organization and will continue to help in offsetting some of the cost of ice rentals, the purchase and repair of equipment, purchase of team jerseys and socks, extra skating and goal tending instruction and first aid courses for our teams’ trainers.  All the proceeds received to date have been a major contributing factor in our success of keeping the cost of a high-quality hockey program as affordable as possible for the children of our community and most importantly, creating an opportunity for many who without this added support, through no fault of their own, would not have been able to enjoy the experience of learning and playing the great game of hockey at a competitive level.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and on behalf of all the children you have helped along the way and the entire York Toros Hockey Association we thank you for your generosity and your continued support.